What to Expect From Our Inspections

Clean Modern Reports

My reports are easy to read on web or mobile devices. Sidebar navigation and jump links let clients and agents find the information they need quickly. Instead of large walls of text, long comments are stored in expandable text areas.

Clear and Easy Pricing

How much will your inspection cost? Everything is laid out, in black and white, on our Pricing Page (well, there are a few shades of blue as well). Decide which services you need, and the prices will be clear!

Photos and Visual Aids

Clients can view any photo in a full-screen lightbox to examine those hard-to-see details. Agent’s view includes helpful tools like the Repair Request document generator. Visual focus is on the client’s and agent’s top priority.

Fast Same Day Reports

We usually complete the reports the same day or by the next morning. I will get you the information you need quickly. Some clients like to review the summary on site when the inspection is finished. This way they already know what in the report before its sent out.